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Overall Personal Site Tags

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Overall Personal Site Tags

Catherine Lott

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Why Are You Redundantly Kicking Your Own Arse By Not Allowing Your Site Memebers To Change Their Own Overall Site Tags Daily??
Did you realize how you are limiting your own market and by not allowing the changing of personal overall site tags daily and for the site itself and for those who have accesed the premium site . This daily change and access brings NEW INDIVIDUALS into the site and at a randonm thought process of each member that does indeed take the time to target and change these things and to draw a crowd based on the same process of TRENDING and on a daily basis. If to day is trending some birthday and or obvious occurrence then I paint a painting for this occurrence and then tag my site with these same keywords and because todays additions are based on them WE ALL STAND TO GAIN from the draw of the crowd and especially when utilizing this process and with each unique individuals thoughts for today on any particular subject. Please see about providing these overall site tags and to the individuals you then enlisted for a draw to begin with and so you both could benefit.

The overall site tags set the day I first accessed the site are still the same and two years later and this may not be any trend for today and or any use about this site and since two years ago. This is limiting your own site access and by many different individuals DAILY.


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Free To Start Business listed in the comments :O} Teachings about starting...

Posted by Catherine Lott on Saturday, August 1, 2015